Lost Media Archive

Four shows from HiT Entertainment were dubbed in Arabic by AlmajdTV Network for their Basma Channel. The shows that were dubbed on AlmajdTV network were Bob The Builder, Pingu, Thomas & Friends, and Fireman Sam but these dubs are Islamized due to the Salafist/Islamist orientation so the background music in all these dubs is gone and replaced with sound effects but also, the theme songs were replaced with Islamic chants known as Nasheed. As of 02/13/2021, the theme song for the Pingu dub was found. and on 03/21/2021, the Thomas dub theme was found.


  • The listed shows were dubbed in between 2008 and 2010.
  • The Thomas dub uses the same theme as a dub for Chuggington
  • These dubs aired on Basma Channel in between 2008 and 2010.
  • The theme song for the Pingu dub was found but the rest of the listed dubs are still completely lost media as of 02/13/2021
  • Some videos of classic Thomas episodes in Arabic have the title from the Basma dub (سباق القطارات) on the Internet but most of them are in Modern Standard Arabic because there is background music in most of those videos.

List of shows dubbed for Basma Channel

  • Bob The Builder (dubbed title: بوب ذا بيلدر) (2004 Series)
  • Fireman Sam (dubbed title: سامي رجل الإطفاء) (2005 Series)
  • Thomas & Friends (dubbed title: سباق القطارات) (Both Series)
  • Pingu (dubbed title: بطروق المرح) (1986 Series)