Higglytown Heroes was an American CGI pre-school TV Series that aired from 2004-2008. It was about everyday working careers. It had a UK dub, which aired on Playhouse Disney. No episodes with the British dub are found yet, although some partially found footage (only a few seconds of it) can be found on the YouTube video "Flicking through Sky TV (Nov 2008)", uploaded by Roger Swift but no full episodes.

Although the UK dub of the Higglytown Heroes doesn't air on broadcast anymore, the episodes can be still found in the UK website of AppleTV. However, episodes after episode 3 in series 3 are from the original US version of Higglytown Heroes: https://tv.apple.com/gb/season/higglytown-heroes/umc.cmc.3xgmbmoitcop3uilotlkepwh2?showId=umc.cmc.6ucl5uywtl23fw4nxnt4376k7

Known voice actors

  • Fran - Sue Johnston.
  • Eubie - Johnathan Bee & Joe Cooper.
  • Wayne - Africa Nile.
  • Twinkle - Amira McCarthy.
  • Kip - Matthew Thomas Davies.

The heroes and other characters (with the exception for Pookie) were voiced and redubbed by British actors/actresses; Bob Golding & Justin Fletcher were involved with re-dubbing some of the heroes.

Character Names

Some of the characters names are changed to alternate names. The alternate names are:

  • Pizza Guy's name changed to "Pizza Man".
  • Furnace Repairman to "Boiler Repairman".
  • Janitor to "Caretaker".
  • Diner to "Café".
  • Grandpop Krank to "Grandad Krank".
  • Auto Mechanic to "Car Mechanic".
  • Gas to "Fuel".

Episode Names

Not only that the names were changed for some of the characters, but only a few of the episode title names were changed:

  • Missing Grandpop's episode title changed to "Missing Grandad".
  • Halloween Heroes becoming "Higgly Halloween".
  • Calling all Cars having its name changed to "Kip Hits the Road".
  • All Tire'd Out changed to "All Tyre’d Out".
  • Hay Hay Hay!! changed to "Hay Hay Hay!", by removing one of the exclamation marks at the end of the episode title name.
  • The Day the Diner Stood Still to "The Day the Cafe Stood Still".
  • Twinkle's Favorite Author to "Twinkle's Favourite Author", by using the UK spelling for "favorite" rather than the US spelling.

The altered episode titles from the UK dub may have been recycled for other European dubs of the series, such as the Polish dub instead of having a separate title in a different language.

An example of an altered episode title of the Higglytown Heroes, "Missing Grandpop"; for UK releases of the show

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