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Hilltop Hospital is a British-French-German claymation television series made in 1999. It consists of 52 ten-minute shorts. The series is directed by Pascal Le Nôtre and produced in English, French (Hôpital Hilltop), German (Klinik Hügelheim), Swiss German (Dokter Fieberbei) and Dutch (Heuvellandziekenhuis). The series is adapted from a series of books by Nicholas Allan of the same name. ZDF started broadcasting the shorts in 2003. The theme tune and incidental music for the English version of the series was composed by Ben Heneghan and Ian Lawson who also composed the music for the original Fireman Sam series and Joshua Jones.

There was an Italian dub that was aired on Rai Ragazzi, Rai 2 in January 13, 2005 and made reruns on Rai Yoyo in September 2011. This dub was lost, There was only the ending credits (incomplete) was found on a video at the very beginning.

The Cast

  • Dr. Matthews - Vittorio De Angelis
  • Nurse Kitty - Pinella Dragani
  • Surgeon Sally - Rita Savagnone
  • Clare - Rossella Acerbo
  • Dr. Atticus - Giorgio Lopez
  • Ted #2 - Vittorio Stagni
  • Mrs. Indianapolis - Flaminia Jandolo
  • Adrian - Letizia Ciampa
  • Dubbing Studio - SEFIT-CDC