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Hipijok sal yuk, (translated as Hippie Carnage), is an alleged South Korean monster-horror film from 1973 that is said to have borrowed plot elements from both Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971) and Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973). The supposed story concerns a trio of creatures mutated by industrial pollution who proceed to attack a group of hippies gathered on Cheju Island. As mayhem begins to sweep the island, a scientist, his plucky daughter, and their housemaid who performs witchcraft construct a robot to fight the rampaging monsters.  

The former IMDb entry for Hippie Carnage (which has since been deleted) listed a director and co-director, Ki-young Kim and Yoon Kyo Park, as well as three cast members but no additional crew.[1] Most of the names involved do have a background of previous starring roles. One user review from someone named, "Chibi Riza" claimed to have seen clips of it featured on the B-movie oriented TV series, Reel Wild Cinema. The comment becomes highly suspicious due to the fact that the user failed to state which episode it appeared not to mention that their plot summary was just repeating known facts. ("Chibi Riza" was also the sole reviewer of several other titles formerly listed on IMDB, that were determined to be hoaxes and removed from the database.) In addition, the film is not listed in the Korean Movie Database.


The Flying Monster (Bicheongoesu) 비천괴수 1984

A scene from the film Bicheongoesu.

The film could’ve been mistaken for the later produced 1984 feature, Bicheongoesu (aka The Flying Monster). Although the similarities are only cursory, the 1984 film depicts a professor and a female reporter (disguised as a housemaid) stumbling upon the egg of a giant flying monster on a Korean island. A majority of the featured monsters were actually “borrowed” from stock footage of Japanese tokusatsu shows.  

Like the Korean language version of Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967), the original print was said to have been destroyed in a flood. Yet also like Yongary, an English dubbed version, Cheju Island Terror, was allegedly produced for American television by Crown International Pictures. However, no one has yet to come forward with any recordings, advertisements, or even a valid listing to prove that it aired.


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