The 1993 live action Disney movie Hocus Pocus has many deleted scenes that have mostly never been released. Some shots have appeared in trailers however. All the scenes listed below are in the final script and were filmed. The 25th anniversary Blu-Ray includes several scenes however they are superimposed in the corners of the screen while the movie is playing.


Deleted Scenes

  • Alternate dialogue between Thackery and Elijah about Emily's disappearance (LOST)
  • Extended dialogue during the scene where Thackery attempts to rescue Emily (Blu-Ray)
  • Extended dialogue during the witches hanging scene (LOST)
  • Scene of Max arguing with his father Dave about taking Dani trick or treating (Blu-Ray)
  • Dialogue between Max's parents after he and Dani have left for trick or treating (Blu-Ray)
  • Extended scene of the witches hovering above the children in the graveyard (Blu-Ray)
  • Alternate dialogue between the witches outside the cemetery gates (LOST)
  • Extended scene of Winnifred exploring the kitchen in the Devil's home (LOST)
  • Extended dialogue after Sarah's "AMUCK!" (LOST)
  • The witches go shopping for ingredients at a supermarket (LOST, however two shots appear in the trailer)
  • Scene of the kids and Binx talking in a tent near a pumpkin patch (LOST)
  • Scene of the witches handing out Candy Crows to greedy children (LOST, one shot appears in the trailer)
  • Billy meets up with the sisters (LOST, one shot appears in the trailer)
  • Scene of the witches exploring the boys locker room in the school (LOST)
  • Scene of the witches exploring the school pool (LOST, one shot appears in the trailer)
  • Extended ending scene (LOST)
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