Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey Poster

The theatrical poster

There's an uncut version of the Disney film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey aired on television that features extended versions of certain scenes and scenes that were cut from the home video and theatrical releases.

Deleted Scenes

  • Peter washing Chance with a hose after Chance eats the wedding cake.
  • Kate taking the pets on a car ride.
  • Bob being invited to a barbecue, only for the kids to remind him that the barbecue falls on the day he had promised to take them to visit their pets.
  • Kate finding the note she had written Frank that he had not seen.
  • Sassy observes the man who found him playing the saxophone at night.
  • The man at the river bringing his goat into his house while he leaves.
  • The kids play Nintendo.
  • An extended chase scene between Shadow and the Cougar.
  • Chance convincing Shadow to not give up and escape the muddy hole.
  • Before crossing the tracks, the pets search for food in the dumpster but found nothing.
  • An extended scene in which Chance and Shadow go after Sassy who has fallen into a river.
  • An extra shot of Chance and Shadow before Sassy calls out to them.
  • Originally Sassy would've slipped off a rock and fell into the river, but later on the re-shot it and made the scene with Sassy falling in the river by the log accidentally breaking under her weight.


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