Lost Media Archive

Screenshot of his lost video

Honeybunny /ハニーバニー (Formally JaceGarciasWorlds #5854) is a small YouTuber who mainly makes Tomodachi Life Song Compilations. Honeybunny /ハニーバニー joined on January 1, 2018 and currently has 50 Videos as of October 2020.


Not much of the old videos is known. Honeybunny /ハニーバニー occasionally mentions the videos and says that he has around 50+ videos deleted which the videos that were deleted were uploaded between January and December 2018. There were only 3 videos that were not deleted because they were too popular. He also said that he deleted the videos because he unknowingly deleted them.

*Update* 10/1/2020

Honeybunny recently found a screenshot which is from a deleted video of his, he saved it and it was found in an app on his iPad.

The image shows Honeybunny playing making a story about the generic "bad guys killing the good guys" story and he'd also like to point out that it was the only time that he was allowed to use a knife in his videos and it was a scene of Honeybunny or the character he was playing as, Goomba stabbing Toadette with a knife.


  • None of these old videos have been archived.