The box art for Hong Kong 1997.

Hong Kong 1997 is a video game made by now defunct

STATUS :found without physical video game company HappySoft, Ltd. The game was made in less then a week and was so poorly wanted by retail, they added a notice at the start of the game saying they need help with it.

Hong Kong 1997 was also so bad it was commonly referred to as "Kusoge", literally meaning "shitty game" in Japanese. Since the game was distributed by HappySoft themselves in Super Famicom Disk Drive format, no hard copies are known to exist to this very day.

The only picture found on the internet is the box art cover. It is available to play in ROM format. After Hong Kong 1997 failed, HappySoft was never heard from again.

Since it's been found online, numerous people online have reviewed the game; Including the Angry Video Game Nerd, and many others.

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