Lost Media Archive

How to Make and Bake a Cream Pie was an instructional video hosted by a brown haired, light skinned, skinny man who would show you the basics of making and baking cream pies. the video was split into 3 parts

part 1: introduction. in this part, the host says something along the lines of "hey, guys. i'm [forgotten name] and i'm here to teach you how to make and bake a cream pie. there are 2 steps to this process, and i will go through each one slowly and carefully." then a mini graphic comes up that shows a bag of cream squirting its cream onto a pie container. then above the graphic comes the words "step one: making"

part 2: making. the graphic fades away and the host has a bag of cream, some pie dough, and a pie tin to his side. the host says something along the lines of "for today's recipe, we will need pie dough, a pie tin, and whatever cream you desire. what you first want to do is flatten the dough" the host does just that, while there are moaning sounds ADR'd into the scene. after the host has successfully flattened the dough, he stretches it out onto the pie tin, while saying to do what hes doing. then he says something like "now comes the most important part of all. the cream" a large graphic comes up that just says "CREAM" the host puts his cream onto the pie, while there are many recordings of men yelling "cream" over the scene. after the host is done putting the cream into the pie tin, the voices stop, and he addresses the camera saying "now that that's done, its time for our second step." a graphic comes up with the cream pie in an oven. then above the graphic comes the words "step two; baking"

part 3: baking. the graphic fades away and the host has his cream pie and a mini oven. the host says something like "now this part is really important, as it will really make your pie edible. first you want to set your oven to [forgotten three digit number] and wait for a few minutes for it to heat up." the host stares at the camera for a solid 30 seconds. "now you just pop your pie into the oven and wait for 9 minutes." the host stares at the camera as the pie finishes for 9 minutes. the eyewitness of this instructional video skipped through the 9 minutes, so something could have happened between the last part and this part. after the 9 minutes, the host pops the cream pie out of the oven and says "wowee, look at that baby. now thats a cream pie ready to eat!" the host takes a fork and digs into the cream pie. the host says "delish!" and gives a thumbs up. there is then a graphic that pops up and says "see you next time!" and the video fades to black.