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OK, so I'm sorry that I have to make this a page and not a blog post, but nobody listened when I made a blog post.

There are some people on this wiki who are being really immature about fake pages.

When you see a fake or spam page, you need to do the following:

Put the deletion template and write 'Fake.'

Not in all caps, not FAKEY FAKEY FAKE, not FAKE AS FUCK, not FAKEST THING EVER, please just put 'Fake.' This is all you have to do. Not putting a reason is OK, but it would be preferred if you did.

Do not put any categories. Putting in the deletion template automatically puts the page into Candidates for deletion. Do not put FAKE AS FUCK!, FAKE, FAKER THAN FAKE, DELETE THIS NOW, FAKE AS HECK, DELETE, or any other categories. There are no good reasons to do it and it's just being immature about a fake or spam page.

I'm not an admin but I think I need to speak out about this. This is really unnecessary what you're doing if you do this. We should all be mature about fake pages, not go on and on about them being fake.

PS: If you put fake and delete categories on this page, you are not funny and you are not helping. You're just making a fool of yourself.