Humans vs. Dinosaurs 5 was intended to be the fifth instalment of the Humans vs. Dinosaurs series created by MatromX, which was animated using Pivot Animator. It was probably intended for release around 2015, before getting rejected and cancelled for unknown reasons. It was never publicly released until a short clip was released in 2016, along with a rejected Pivot Battle Arena video and several others. The rest of the video is considered lost media, and so is the original audio, since the entire audio has been replaced with music.

Known plot

In the previous four Humans vs Dinosaurs episodes, the humans were always the victims, but this time, the humans strike back (they have guns). The first dinosaur shown is a Velociraptor, which gets kicked in the head and shot twice by a stickman with a pistol. The second dinosaur, probably a Megaraptor, is briefly shown leaping at the human, but then the clip ends. The humans won the first fight but the outcome of the second fight remains unknown. It is likely that the dinosaurs won the second round.


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