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The Hungry Duck was an infamous club in Moscow, Russia that existed from 1999 through 2013. What makes this club so unique are the strip performances. Unlike most strip clubs where the performers are the ones who strip nude, The Duck had performers strip audience memebers nude onstage.

While this may raise several questions, it should be noted that the performers had very strict rules and guidelines to follow:

1.) Only volunteers were allowed to be stripped nude onstage.

2.) If an audience member clearly does not wish to be disrobed anymore and isn't just naturally nervous, then the member is dismissed and another is invited onstage.

3.) The genitals of the performer and the audience member were not allowed to physically touch.

These rules helped negate many of the controversies and negative press surrounding the club. Rarely did an audience member find that things were taken too far, and even when it was the case, many instances were thankfully settled with an apology and without action from the law.

Also, despite these rules, however, many accounts claim that, surprisingly, audience members (male and female alike) were trying to push the limits. Some members tried to push performers to have full out sex with them onstage. Some of these accounts also say that some of the performers went along with it, however all actual evidence has yet to be found.

The Duck took many publicity videos, and other amateur videos also exist. These publicity videos are easily available online, however, many of the more "wild" amateur ones have notably disappeared. Viewers often recall seeing videos of performers breaking rules and getting full out sex acts involved onstage. These videos remain to be seen, with many exhibitionist porn enthusiasts disappointed. There are also apparently a few publicity videos involving female performers stripping down male performers that have been removed allegedly because they were "taken too far".

A compilation video of all the surviving performances also floats around the internet at 87 minutes long.

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