Lost Media Archive

Hylian Legacy (Formerly Zeemis) was a Youtube Channel whose earliest documented activity was in 2008[1] and its last documented activity was probably in December 2016[2] when the account was suspended. The channel was focused on making Final Fantasy videos like compilations and sprite animations, all of them lost so far

Channel (Lost)

The channel was focused on Final Fantasy and using webarchive only three videos have been partially located, their contents lost but the urls were archived.

Proof of existence/Search

A forum post on the website "Eyesonff" (A forum focused on Final Fantasy) was made in 2012, it was a a question about who would win in a battle, Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III or Exdeath from Final Fantasy V. In said post, the user named "Gamblet" said the following:

"I was surfing around Youtube when I accidentally stumbled on this video. 

ExDeath vs. Cloud of Darkness 

Your thoughts? "[3]

Currently, that video has been deleted and the channel of the uploader "Hylian Legacy" has been terminated by Youtube. Using webarchive, the url of the video was partially saved in 2014. Said url contained in the recommended tab, some videos of Hylian Legacy too, "Final Fantasy - History of Ultima", "Chaos vs Ultimecia! A battle between time!", "FF5 vs FF6" and "Ozma & Zidane in FFVI". Only ExDeath vs. Cloud of Darkness' link has information, the rest only show the terminated video error screen.

Info contained in the ExDeath vs. Cloud of Darkness url

The only URL with information is ExDeath vs. Cloud of Darkness, whose html was saved in 2014 on the wayback machine, but the video was not saved.

The info of said video is the following

"Exdeath vs. Cloud of Darkness! A battle for the Void! (エクスデス vs. 暗闇の雲)

Uploaded on Jul 23, 2010 


What if the Cloud of Darkness showed up right before the final battle and started a fight with Exdeath? Both beings have the ability to control the Void; however, which one is strongest?"[4]

Description of the content of the video titled "Exdeath vs. Cloud of Darkness!", by the page maker's recollection

  • Style of the video: Sprite animation made in flash, limited animation which emulated the game FFV. Exdeath used his sprites from FFV and Cloud of Darkness used her sprites from the NES version of FFIII
  • Content: The party of Final Fantasy V is about to fight Exdeath, but The Void (The location they are on) starts shift and a portal opens up, from said portal the final boss of Final Fantasy III, Cloud of Darkness, comes out from it. She speaks for a bit and then proceeds to fight Exdeath, the animation then shifts to a battle in the style of a Final Fantasy game, with the bosses attacking themselves with their respective attacks from each game, in the battle Exdeath already shows up as Neo Exdeath; the battle lasted for about three minutes and it was won by Exdeath. The animation shifted to a still scene of a custom sprite, in which Cloud of Darkness was being absorbed by Neo Exdeath, with her body mending into the body of Neo-Exdeath; the narration states that Exdeath has absorbed the power of darkness. Then on the next scene, the party was about to fight a powered up Exdeath.