IM Meen

I.M. Meen is an educational video game made for DOS in 1995. However, there apparently were plans to port it to the Sega CD, but this never came to fruition, though a prototype may possibly exist.


The game revolves around an evil magician named Ignatius Mortimer Meen (I.M. Meen) trapping two children inside of his labyrinth. The player would have to defeat monsters and solve grammatical puzzles in order to advance in the game.

The game was poorly received and made infamous on the internet by its cheesy, over-the-top cutscenes. They would become common fodder for the YTP community.

Possible Port to the Sega CD?

In November 2011, a Youtuber by the name of ChokoProductions claimed to have acquired a rare demo for I.M. Meen on the Sega CD. He claimed to have bought it at a garage sale, where the disk was found in a paper sleeve, reading "IM MEEN v1.04 SCD (c) 1995". When booted, the Sega logo, then the company's would come up before the opening cutscene played. After it ends, the player is sent back to the Sega CD BIOS screen.


*RARE* I.M Meen - Sega CD port?

However, a dramatic turn of events unfolded in 2017, when ChokoProductions debunked his own claims by stating, "This is fake news. You can go home now.", in the comment section of his video.

Whether or not there was a disk in the first place or if there is even a prototype out there remains a mystery.

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