Back in the 1970s, there were a lot of companies using the Test Card F-type ITA/IBA cards that were frequently appearing on ITV. Among these:

Found/Partially-Found Test Cards

  • HTV (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Associated Television (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Southern TV (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Anglia TV (both found)
  • Tyne Tees Television (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Yorkshire Television (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Thames/LWT (both found)
  • Westward (ITA found, IBA lost)
  • Granada (ITA lost, IBA found)

Lost Test Cards

  • Border Television
  • Channel Television
  • Grampian Television
  • Scottish Television
  • Ulster Television
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