As you may have known, there are a lot of UK TV advert breaks from 2005 on YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion online, so it is a popular year for TV presentation vloggers. What I am actually looking for (and lacking of) are advert breaks on ITV1 from June-August 2005, that feature the Visit Blackpool advert which used the background song of Jammy Ring by Freebie & The Bean. This particular ad showcases the key landmarks of Britain's best known seaside town such as the Tower Ballroom, light shows, Pleasure Beach & the giant mirror ball with men disguised as women drag dancers. The ad alone was also showed in 2006/7 as well; it is already on social media:- the ad singular, during Toonami & on Cartoon Network. Being CharliSJHDeeleyNat Grande, I can remember seeing this advert during Coronation Street on Wednesday 29th June & Wednesday 6th July 2005. No vlogger has uploaded an ITV1 ad break from 2005 with this ad I'm talking about in it, meaning it is lost media.

Comment down below if you have recorded an ITV1 advert break between June & August 2005 with the Blackpool ad on it that you've saved a programme on VHS or DVD please?

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