Ne-Yo (Real name Shaffer Chimere Smith) R&B singer and producer of I heart Tuesdays.

In 2011 it was announced that Ne-Yo would produce an animated series with Cartoon Network. From 2011 - 2013, very little information was given over the course of it's development, which at most was two versions of the show's premise. As of 2014, there has not been any new information released by either Cartoon Network or Ne-Yo.


While no screenshots, concept art ad scripts have been shown to the public, Ne-Yo himself has stated what the show's premise was going to be.

2011 Version
The first version would have been about a 16-year old girl that inherits the curse of her bloodline and she's forced to save the world from an unknown evil every Tuesday for the rest of her life.

A year later, a revised version of the plot was stated by Ne-Yo.

2012 Version
The second version would have been about twins who are direct descendants of two Greek gods that were cursed by Zeus for being really childish and irresponsible. They have to save the world from some unspoken evil every Tuesday for pretty much the rest of their lives. So, it's dealing with that on top of dealing with being high school students.

Other information

Not much coverage of I Heart Tuesdays exist and it should be noted that there was a video interview with Ne-Yo from Access Hollywood that is currently missing as well.

Ne-Yo also mentioned that he made the show for his sister or at least with his sister in mind.

Slideshare post noting I Heart Tuesdays as one of Ne-Yo's upcoming project.

From the few articles that cover the subject one potential episode could have been about prom being moved to a Tuesday.

The most interesting detail is about the art style of the show. Ne-Yo made direct comparisons to The Boondocks and how it was animated in Korea and how expensive it was, he even said he'd settle for stick figures.

Looking for a trademark on trademarkia under Cartoon Network revels no results, However I Heart Tuesdays does show up as a predicted search. Likely CN dropped the Trademark when the show was cancelled.

  From a forum post discussing the show links several articles covering the show. A user mentions that the first link Access online had a video interview with Ne-Yo, though the page cannot be reached.  

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