I Want My Own Room was a makeover TV programme for youngsters where they get the chance to design their own room of their choice. It was presented by Lisa Rogers and aired on CBBC during Autumn 2011 with repeats airing until Summer 2013. There was only 1 series of the show, with just 13 half-hour episodes made/produced. Regular guest designers included Ben Huckleberry, Michelle Ackerly, Beckie Sharpey & Kathryn Gywneth. The aim of the game was to take control of their parents for 4 days until that rooms' completion.


  1. Theatre Space (Kathryn & Suzie).
  2. Office/Games Room (Alex).
  3. Design & Animation Studio (Freya & Hattie).
  4. Bird Hide (Elliott).
  5. Cinema (Lydia).
  6. Chillout Space (Elsie).
  7. Music Studio (Dean).
  8. Science Bedroom (Jake).
  9. Rehearsal & Storywriting Space (Jaya).
  10. Football Bedroom (Lewis & Jake?).
  11. Dance Studio (Sophie).
  12. The Great Outdoors (Ben).
  13. Revisits (Kathryn & Suzie, Elliott, Jaya and Freya & Hattie).

In most of the episodes, there were 3 boxes to store contents/their personal belongings:- Keep (items they wanted to keep), Throw Away (stuff that could be recycled or binned) and Sell (items they gave away to charity stores or car boot sales). The kids all had to wear their own "I Want My Own Room" T-shirts & boiler suits.

Unfortunately, no full episodes have been surfaced online though the only 2 clips remaining today are the opening titles that were created by Dinosaur Creatives and a part of "The Great Outdoors" episode that was uploaded by joshuae elkin; apart from those 2 short clips, there isn't any further content from this show, so another lost/forgotten UK kids' TV programme.

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