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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Iamssandra (also known occasionally as Supersandra) was a channel that existed since 2008 until 2020. It mainly uploaded unseemly gay videos, mainly consisting of two women kissing, and their eyes being censored. There was also a couple of times where they would post videos of their dog defecating on the streets. And several videos were also random pictures of the same women covering their faces, and the thumbnails also had creepy origins. Every single one of their video consisted of lesbian slurs, some thumbnails even display the women showing off their boobs. Mainly a couple being titled cuss words or bath routines.

However, sometime in 2020, all their uploaded YouTube videos were terminated (including their channel and their playlists) permanently due to them violating YouTube's rules and terms of service. After their YouTube was demolished, it is unknown if they are active on other social media platforms. and it's also unknown if anyone has archived their old videos before they were banned or before they went missing. As of the moment, none of their videos have currently been found or recovered.


  • Dog tries to poop on sidewalk - (LOST)
  • Hey mamitas look at this - (LOST)
  • I'm with the girlie at her house homies MG4 - (LOST)
  • Black screen MGGS - (LOST)
  • House party hogs - (LOST)
  • Bucket list for the girls - (LOST)
  • Chic boy having sex over his grandma's house - (LOST)
  • Camera i - (LOST)
  • Party list to all the bozos out there - (LOST)
  • Dog takes a dump on the tree - (LOST)
  • F Camera MG2 - (LOST)
  • Me having a fuckin porn with sis - (LOST)
  • 2009-01-10 - (LOST)
  • It's been a second daddy i rlly miss u - (LOST)
  • IDK wat to do now raichu - (LOST)

How their videos looked like when they were still on YouTube

  • Their dog was labeled as a Black And White Chihuahua. His name is unknown, but they refer to him by the nickname of "Hard-headed" and “Hello sexy”. The video roles for the dog were only used for the purpose of adult comedy. The dog would be shot defecating (pooping) on the streets, and the poop isn't picked up at all. But sometimes. Which made many viewers hate on them; despite this, Sandra never replies to people's comments.
  • As far as the statement goes, one of the women was called Sandra (hence the account name), she was apparently gay (lesbian) because she often shot bad-quality videos with her girlfriend. She apparently wore bras, headbands and croctops most of the time.
  • Thumbnails include Sandra kissing with her girlfriend, putting on random emojis and GIFS for Snapchat pics, her shaking her boobs/tits, and of course, saying cuss words everytime on her titles. She also sometimes wore fake lipstick, contour, and eyeliner. And had golden hoop earrings mostly around the times she was with her cousins or when she is goofing around with her sister. She sometimes is also seen putting edible chalk (or marshmallows?) on her mouth.
  • Her videos weren’t always long. They were usually only approximately 3-4 minutes long and she uploaded them pretty much in about every 2-5 months absently.
  • They would always say words like “F*ck”, “S*it”, “S*xy”, *P*rn*”, and “B*tch*. Especially when Sandra and her girlfriend were chatting with each other while walking their dog.
  • Their playlists consisted of mostly music videos from extremely popular artists at the time, such as Miley Cyrus, Fred or Jonas Brothers (along with most of the playlists being titled “my blogs”, “favorites”, or “these are sick”; However, these music videos are like 13 years old, so they likely forget about those playlist videos. Also, as you read their video titles, they did not make their videos always nicely with capital letters properly settled up, but with lowercase letters. And the only channel they have ever subscribed to is a channel with the name of “JC Van Luyn”.


  • Sandra’s girlfriend named is called Lindsey, as revealed in the “Dog tries to poop on sidewalk” video.
  • One of her cousins’ names is called Mahina, as revealed in the “BOREDNESS” video.
  • Her aunt’s name is called Laura, as also revealed in the “BOREDNESS” video.