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ToddWorld is an American-Canadian Flash animated children's television series created by Todd Parr and Gerry Renert through their California based company SupperTime Entertainment. The show was produced by Mike Young Productions, an animation studio based in California.

There was an Italian Dub of ToddWorld called "Il mondo di Todd" that was aired on Raisat Ragazzi on March 2006 and made reruns on Rai Yoyo (Raisat YoYo) in December 2006, Rai Gulp in June 1 2007 and JimJam in February 2009.

This dub was considered lost with nothing surfacing from it. The Promo from JimJam was found 10 years later on Youtube.

the intro is found but undubbed and Todd’s voice is dubbed and the logo is localized: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gee6BmeCiQw

The Cast

  • Todd - Monica Ward
  • Stella - Perla Liberatori
  • Sophie (Sofia) - Letizia Ciampa
  • Pickle - Simone Criasi
  • Benny - Roberto Stocchi
  • Mitzi - Laura Boccanera
  • Vark - Manfredi Aliquo'
  • Dubbing Studio: PUMAISdue
  • Dubbing Direction: Barbara Castracane
  • Translator: Barbara Castracane