In Living Color - BOLT 45 COMMERCIAL!!! (VERY RARE - Shown On Broadcast TV Only Once!)

The "Bolt 45" sketch in its entirety.

On April 5, 1990, the Fox network premiered In Living Color, a sketch comedy based around African-American humor. However, during its five-season run, the show got into conflict with the censors at times, and eventually led to the departure of the Wayans brothers in the fifth season. One of the earliest instances of this to occur happened with a sketch entitled "Bolt 45". (a parody of Colt 45 commercials).

The censors believed this sketch implied date rape due to the date passing out drunk and spreading her legs, and the host getting on top of her. It was cut out of its parent episode, but then on its May 5, 1990 broadcast debut, the master tape was mixed up, and the wrong version was shown. Fox then immediately had the original master tape destroyed, and as a result, it has never been included in repeats of the episode or the DVD release of the first season. Fortunately, someone taped the sketch when it was on, and has allowed it to circulate since 2010.

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