In the Days of Daniel Boone is a lost silent serial of 15 episodes featuring Jack Mower in the lead role (although he does not play the role of Daniel Boone). The serial's story apparently centers on Daniel Boone's final expedition in 1686, when he was 86 years old and, incredibly, led a group of people on a journey west to Tennessee.. The trailer for this film does exist and is on YouTube.


Not much is known of the plot of this Universal Production, but judging from surviving stills and from the trailer, the plot runs something like this: Daniel Boone is invited to take a wagon train full of people west to Tennessee. He agrees, but the villain's henchmen ambush him and his daughter Miranda at the site of their cabin and succeed in injuring the rugged old frontiersman, who is rescued by Jack Mower's character (Miranda's lover). The young man then agrees to take Daniel's place on the expedition and lead the wagon train west to Tennessee. The villain and his gang join the wagon train (of course) and soon afterward, one of the men is murdered outright. The young man must now locate the MacGuffin of this serial - an item that will clear him of the murder charge - as well as take the wagon train to Tennessee as planned. The film most likely ends with Daniel addressing the State assembly, as he did in real life (he passed away the following morning), and with the marriage of Miranda Boone and her lover.

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