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One of the only known images from In the Mind of the Damned. Most of the film was shot in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Western Michigan University's old East Campus.

The second film of the Dunn-Lisak production group, In the Mind of the Damned has been shrouded in obscurity since its release in early 2013. The Dunn-Lisak film group was best known for their z-grade monster movie, The Melonheads (2011) which gained popularity after being featured in Cracked Magazine's article "5 Monster Movies Hollywood Needs to Make Next." The Melonheads gathered a great deal of attention on the web, quickly becoming the most popular film based on the "Melon heads" legend.

While The Melonheads gained attention mostly for its technical imperfections, the 2013 follow up film, In the Mind of the Damned, was far less campy. It focused on the psychological aspects of a young man having a mental breakdown following an acid trip, and was shot out of sequence with various side stories being presented as dreams as the film went on. The film starred most of the male cast from The Melonheads, and was primarily shot in and around Eastern Michigan University's now demolished historic east campus, likely months before its destruction.

According the the film's director, Dake Lisak, the film was pulled from general release after objections from the film's actors who stated a dislike of the film's plot containing drug use and a murder. The film appeared briefly on a public domain website before being pulled due to legal disputes. While The Melonheads is still widely available, In the Mind of the Damned is not. It is likely in possession of the director. [1]

The Melonheads (Movie)

The Melonheads (Movie)

The film group's only surviving picture, the Melonheads.

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