Lost Media Archive


  • A few years ago an object show by the name of inanimate insanity was made, then season I ended, and after a while season II started, and then one polish fan made a polish fandub, I actually remember watching this fandub, the thumbnails where the same as the normal thumbnails, except the fact that polish flags were on the thumbnail, but one day, the user stopped uploading, until one day, the whole channel got deleted, today none of the episodes were found


  • April 7, 2020 - Tymek the frick boi UPDATE: I remade the thumbnail of the 2nd episode, it's not like the original one, but it is something
  • December 20, 2021 - ScotchTheNewObject UPDATE: The polish Actor of Knife is TheGlukkon712 in Inanimate Insanity Wiki[1] and mayby this show was translated is "Nieożywione szaleństwo"
  • March 22, 2022 - Tymeggs update: I've managed to get in contact with the voice actor for Knife (aka: TheGlukkon712) and he has confirmed that he did voice for the show, sadly however, he doesn't have any clips for it, but he did give me some info. 1: the dub was from around 8 years ago, which would place the date as 2014 2. the fandub was a part of some sort of project, he doesn't remember which project, but it was either NANOKARRIN or INSOMNIA DUB, which means that we could get more info from them. and 3: this email actually confirms the existance of the fandub. if you want to look at the email that he sent me, click HERE