Inspector Gadget 2 (Partially Lost Behind The Scenes Featurette)

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Inspector Gadget 2 is a 2003 American direct-to-video comedy film, it was released on VHS and DVD on March 11, 2003 based on the 1983 animated television series of the same name produced by DIC.

Like the first theatrical film, it received negative reviews and was heavily criticized, It did have a cult following on the internet.

A screenshot with Caitlin Wachs, who played Penny in the film.

The DVD came up with a Behind The Scenes Featurette, unfortunately, not much is found of it currently.


Segment Availability
Go Go Gadget Gadgetmobile Lost
Claw's Claw Found (low quality)
Extendo Arms Lost
G2 Fight Scene Lost
Flying Fox Rig Lost
Restroom Madness Found (low quality)
Shaky Dance Lost
Penny and Brain Lost
Claw's Laser Lost
The Chase Sequence Lost
Stop Sign Lost
Go Go Gadget Bubblegum Lost
Gadget and G2 Lost
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