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【-MASA Works DESIGN-】Interface Clip from NND CC ENG-0

Rin's transformation when colored in

A song by popular VOCALOID producer MASA Works DESIGN long deleted from Niconico (Japanese equivalent to YouTube). While some of MASA's songs are album-exclusive and have to be bought, others are freely available in illustrated promotional videos (PVs) on YouTube and Niconico. Based on a found ten second clip, Interface is a heavy metal style song. This contrasts with MASA's newer songs, but it's similar-sounding to his other older works "Bloody Mary" (ブラッディーメアリー) and "Abnormal Love Enthusiast" (異常愛嬌). Although most of MASA's songs are mature, his older ones were exceedingly brutal. Originally posted on 3/09/2011, it is the earliest known VOCALOID song of MASA Works DESIGN. Back then, his producer name was "ell".

Discovered clip

On June 22, 2019, a 10 second clip of the PV was found included in a Niconico cross-fade list of various VOCALOID PVs. Two YouTube channels have uploaded copies of the clip, and the description of the later one features a translation of the Japanese text floating and shaking in the forefront. This is the only footage uncovered so far.