Lost Media Archive

InuMiya was a Japanese online artist who was active from 1997-2000. Her art is mostly lost, only 4 pieces being available online, with two having been uploaded by SoFurry user MiyaArchive, who is dedicated to archiving her art.

Found media

Aiko- a drawing of a female Golden Retriever with blue hair sitting on a bench and staring down at a river stained red with berries as a rather large bottle of Pocari sweat stands on the ground

Nori- a drawing of a female grey spotted cat kneeling, with one arm behind her head. This drawing has been around before she went missing

Tori- a drawing of a harpy sitting on the top of a skyscraper as birds fly around her. This picture is quite controversial on the Lost Media Archive, due to it’s sexual nature (the girl isn’t wearing any clothes)

Untitled- known as graffiti, this drawing depicts a human character of unknown gender, possibly male with long, messy brown hair staring angrily at a thunderstorm and some japanese characters roughly translating to “only one cloth is key”, however some say this isn’t an accurate translation

Red Group Live 1: An anthrpomorphic bat, dressed as an idol in red singing on stage.

Homepage link: a picture that looks like a link from her homepage, the shown picture might actually be part of another lost media picture from her webpage called “Teru”

Lost media

Much more of her media is lost than it is found

Wayback Machine link:https://web.archive.org/web/19991008025836/http://www4.big.or.jp/%7Einumiya/miya/

Impression Update log

2/8/21: Red Group Live 1 has been uploaded by MiyaArchive

2/13/21 The only visible picture on her website has been saved to my computer by me


Red Group Live 1 may be fake due to how there is no shading in the art