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Iron Kid, or Eon Kid in the United States is a Spanish-Korean CGI animated children's television series that aired from 2006 to 2007 made by BRB Internacional, Daewon Media and Manga Entertainment. It aired on Clan TVE in Spain, KBS 2 in South Korea and Kids WB in the United States. While episodes of the series exist online, there is some lost media relating to the show.

Found media

The series has been uploaded to BRB Internacional's official YouTube channels in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and French. Episodes were also uploaded to Animakids, another YouTube channel by BRB Internacional. Episodes of the American English dub (Eon Kid) were uploaded to Dailymotion and released on DVD. A full version of the original version of the Eurasian Iron Kid opening theme song (titled Wonder Boy) has been found on March 2 2020 by CodeLyokoFan2002 aka Heir of Eon after it was missing for a while. Another song titled Wonder Where has been found by Heir of Eon after getting in contact with Erik Nilsson who done the show's theme song for the Eurasian version.

As of June 2020, the Turkish dub has been found by a user called Erce Çamur on Discord. However, some of the other dubs of the show are lost media.

As of 2022, three episodes of the Japanese dub have been found by MinaDubs from a promotional DVD and the opening and closing themes of the Japanese dub were found by OldClassicGamer.


Lost media

Several dubs of Iron Kid are missing. Examples include the Japanese, Hebrew, German, Italian, Dutch, Cantonese Chinese and Hindi dubs.

An online Flash game that was found on the BRBPlay website (now known as Animakids) called Iron Brick is also considered lost media. It was free to play on the BRBPlay website from early 2013. It was a puzzle game that focused on Marty destroying blocks.

Three episodes of the Japanese dub exist on a promotional DVD. Those episodes are the first three episodes of the series. A clip from the Japanese dub was uploaded to YouTube by Ryo's Armor up & Transform Channel which features Marty transforming from the episode "The Heir to the Fist". [1] There has also been evidence of a lost pilot episode with an earlier concept to the final product.

Iron Brick Game

On the BRBPlay website in 2013 (later known as Animakids), a Flash Iron Kid game was available to play called Iron Brick. It was a puzzle game which followed Marty doing training based on the storyline of episodes 11, 12, 13 and 14 where Marty learns to master the fist of Eon in the Eon family house.

As of 2019, the game remains lost and after the Animakids website got updated, it is unable to play as the game is now remaining lost.

BRB have lost sources to the game and so it could not be recovered. It was also not archived on the Wayback Machine unlike other types of Iron Kid media for example the show's official website and the original Korean website.


In South Korea, there was a live musical based on Iron Kid. There is little material that exists online based on the musical such as still images and a commercial for the musical. Down here is an image from the musical. A commercial for the musical has been found from the original Korean website for Iron Kid by Heir of Eon and can be found on her MEGA archive for the show. [2] However, it is in low quality so please watch at your own risk.

According to Javier Martinez, one of the team members who worked on the show as part of the Spanish crew at BRB, the company did not take part in the production of the musical but however, they let the musical team do the musical production anyways.

Pilot episode

Iron Kid started development in the early 2000's with different character designs and a different plot line. For example, Marty has blue and silver armour instead of red, silver and gold armour and Ally had a different character design. The logo also looked different compared to the version in the final cut as it used blue and gold with a screw for the "O" instead of the fist as well as a completely different font compared to the final version with red and silver colours and a different font. It appears that Marty was a full on robot in this version compared to being a boy who found the fist of Eon.

There are animation tests surfaced on Vimeo by crew members from DesignStorm Animation Studios, the Korean animation studio that done the animation for the show. A storyboard from the pilot has also been found too when it was posted on Instagram by someone who worked on Iron Kid when it was in development. Concept renders have also been surfaced on the internet.

Four screenshots from the pilot were also discovered on the internet from a Korean web source.