In October 2014, Issac Anderson started his channel, Isaac Anderson Animations. He started making Caillou gets grounded video's, and retired from doing that. He got terminated in 2016, and came back that same year. He was terminated again in 2019. There are several Caillou video's that are lost and or partially found.

Lost Video's (2015-2019)

  1. Caillou the Poop (LOST)
  2. Caillou Does a Party (FOUND)
  3. Caillou the Terrorist (FOUND)
  4. Caillou Learns Everything (FOUND)
  5. Caillou Goes to McDonald's (LOST)
  6. Caillou Starts a Family (FOUND)
  7. Caillou Walks Out the Bath (FOUND)
  8. Caillou Gets Grounded: the Movie (2017) Trailer 1 (LOST)
  9. Caillou Gets Grounded: the Movie (2017) Trailer 2 (FOUND)
  10. Caillou's Timeout (LOST, but was FOUND and reuploaded onto It-Saac)
  11. Samurai Caillou (LOST)
  12. Rosie Bothers Caillou (FOUND)
  13. Caillou Goes on a Diet (FOUND)
  14. Caillou's Prophecy (FOUND)
  15. Cody's Training (FOUND)
  16. Caillou and Barney: The Beginning (FOUND)
  17. Caillou and Barney: The Sitter (FOUND)
  18. Caillou and Barney: The Reunion (FOUND)
  19. Caillou and Barney: The Trap (Part 1) (FOUND)
  20. Caillou and Barney: The Trap (Part 2) (FOUND)
  21. Caillou's Chance (FOUND)
  22. Caillou's Mission (FOUND)
  23. Caillou's Mystery (FOUND)
  24. Caillou's Room (LOST)
  25. Caillou's Presents (FOUND)
  26. Caillou the Grounding Master (LOST)
  27. Caillou Poops on the Police Station (FOUND)
  28. Caillou's Teenhood (FOUND)
  29. Caillou's Rewind 2018 (LOST)
  30. Caillou's Imposter (FOUND)
  31. Caillou's Bee (FOUND)
  32. Caillou's Dad Grounds (FOUND)
  33. Caillou Meets His Uncle (FOUND)
  34. The Incredible Caillou (FOUND)
  35. Caillou Gets an A+ On the Test (FOUND)
  36. Caillou Gets Grounded the Movie: A Tale of Two Dimensions (2015) (FOUND)
  37. Caillou Gets Grounded The Movie (2014) (FOUND)
  38. Caillou Does Prank Calls (FOUND)
  39. Caillou and Dad Watch TV (FOUND)
  40. Caillou Breaks the New Grill (FOUND)
  41. Caillou's Comments (FOUND)
  42. Caillou's Quest (FOUND)
  43. Caillou's Halloween (2018) (FOUND)
  44. Caillou's Halloween (2017) (FOUND)
  45. Caillou's New Drug (FOUND)
  46. Caillou is Stupid (LOST)
  47. Caillou the Gamer (FOUND)
  48. Caillou's Tantrum (FOUND)
  49. Caillou Refuses to Listen (FOUND)
  50. Caillou Pees on the Teacher (FOUND)
  51. Caillou's Punishment Day (FOUND)
  52. Caillou Does the Right Thing (FOUND)
  53. I Don't Wanna Die (FOUND)
  54. The Wish Granter (FOUND)
  55. Chuck E Cheese (FOUND)
  56. Caillou's Funeral (FOUND)
  57. Caillou Goes to Summer Camp (FOUND)
  58. Caillou's Mom Surgery (FOUND)
  59. Caillou Does Jack (FOUND)
  60. Caillou Dances (FOUND)
  61. Caillou Seeks Boris (FOUND)
  62. Caillou the Detective (FOUND)
  63. Caillou Steals Nucelar Waste (FOUND)
  64. Caillou Does an Experiment (FOUND)
  65. Caillou's Plans (FOUND)
  66. Caillou Goes to Gym (FOUND)
  67. Caillou's Life in Prison (LOST)
  68. Caillou Watches a Video (FOUND)
  69. Caillou's Teacher (FOUND)
  70. Caillou Stops Boris (FOUND)
  71. Caillou's Face Changes (FOUND)
  72. Caillou vs. Boris (FOUND)
  73. Caillou's Quest (FOUND)

Found Video's (2014-2019)

  1. Caillou Gets Grounded The Movie (2014)
  2. Caillou Gets Grounded the Movie: A Tale of Two Dimensions (2015)
  3. Caillou Does Prank Calls
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