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Cαятσση Nεтωσяк - JBVO Segments (October 22, 2000)

The only complete episode (sans the cartoon segments) to be found online.


Cαятσση Nεтωσяк - JBVO Opening-0

An opening segment from another one of the episodes.

JBVO was a spin-off of Johnny Bravo that ran for one season from April 2, 2000 to May 21, 2001 on Sundays. It was a programming block hosted by Johnny, who would take in viewer requests on which cartoons to air, and sometimes alongside some infrequent Cartoon Network guests like Chicken (from Cow & Chicken). They would be requested through write-ins to the show or through the Cartoon Network website, and it could be any cartoon from Cartoon Network's library, with the exception of half-hour shows (there was apparently one episode where a caller requested an episode of Dragon Ball Z, and it was entirely fast forwarded through with Johnny only giving expositional commentary, to which he later apologized for).

Like The Moxy Show, it was another one of Cartoon Network's attempts at a hosted cartoon show and was close to having a "live" cartoon character, and it also ironically premiered shortly after The Moxy Show had ended (the day after said show's episodes stopped being rerun even). And like The Moxy Show, it was arguably unsuccessful, lasting a single season in episodes for a year before cancellation. It's also received little in the way of resurfacing; nothing of it has been seen since on the airwaves and because the episodes may have only aired on their initial premiere (possibly, as they would have their own air date said and were properly "call-in" based like real talk shows) it can be presumed that they wouldn't have been on the air long enough for most people to record. Just as well, while we do have one "full" episode online (with the cartoons removed) very little else of it exists online besides a few segments and promos. Out of interest, the website for the show can be found here.

Similarly, a spin-off of the spin-off itself would be "Viva Las Bravo", aired as a summer programming block in certain European variants of Cartoon Network in 2005 and 2006. Every day Johnny would announce three cartoons for voting through either email or CartoonNetworkHQ.net to then be shown the next day for two hours, while he would also constantly appear in commercial breaks either cracking jokes or answering hilarious emails and phone calls. Very little of this block has resurfaced either besides an incomplete promo.

UPDATE: Another full episode (this time with cartoons included), from January 5, 2001, has resurfaced last year and can be downloaded here, courtesy of retroccn.


JBVO Question Featuring Scoσby Doσ

Another clip from the show, featuring Johnny asking a sent-in question.


Cartoon Network Europe - Viva Las Bravo Promo (2006) *INCOMPLETE*-0

An incomplete promo for the Viva Las Bravo block.


The Mystery of JBVO & the Dragon Ball Z Request (Cartoon Network)

LSuperSonicQ's video on JBVO and the DragonBall Z request.


The Mystery of Viva Las Bravo, Toon FM, & Johnny-Johnny (Lost Johnny Bravo Spin-Off Blocks)

LSuperSonicQ's video on Viva Las Bravo, Toon FM, and Johnny/Johnny.