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Jackass Number two (Partially Lost Stunts From Comedy MTV Film)

Template:Jackass: Number Two Jackass Number Two was an American comedy film released on September 22, 2006 based on the MTV series Jackass. Similar to the previous film Jackass: The Movie, as well as the show itself, the film is a collection of stunts, pranks, and skits involving the various stars putting themselves through extreme physical pain for comedic effect. The film released to critical acclaim, leading to it making $85 million against a budget of $11.5 million.

Almost half of these Deleted Stunts did make a cut in Jackass 2.5, some were left out and were Once uploaded to the now defunct Jackassworld.com.

Don vito Tooth pull

During the Trailer For Jackass Number two, Near the end of the trailer there is a brief clip of don vito On a dentist chair while his tooth is tied to a lamborghini, As he then screams it cuts to the crew freaking out which is an entirely different clip. The Lambo was being driven by his nephew Bam Margera while Johnny Knoxville was on the passenger seat. The aftermath of the stunt could be seen on jackassworld.com which went defunct On March Of 2010 6 months after the release Of Jackass 3D.

This scene was meant to be in the Final cut but Vito was arrested for innapropriately touching 2 12 and 14 year old Girls. Due to these reasons, any particapation of Vito in any stunts were cut out of the film, These can also be said with the human pendelum, Both stunts were never shown in Jackass 2.5 which housed an hour of deleted footage.

In 2010 however, a cameraman joe frantz Said That the stunt would be released however as time passed, the clip was never uploaded. A fan on youtube said Steve-O went to due stand up in new jersey and asked about the scene. Steve-O Said that the scene was "Painted Over" Which meant it was official destroyed by paramount but it managed to fuck up vito's upper jaw.

an audio clip from the aftermath is on the soundtrack album as Track 10, "Your Teeth Look Like..." where Brandon DiCamillo says, "Your teeth look like a whore's toenails.".