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Jammin Animals is an interstitial segment that aired on HBO Family as part of the channel’s Jam segments. The show featured an African narrator telling folklores of different animals followed by a song about the animal in the folklore via a montage of animal footage. 

The show began in 2001 and was played through reruns until 2016 when the “Jam” segments were discontinued. None have been aired ever since.


  • “Why the Giraffe Has a Long Neck”
  • “Why the Bear Has a Short Tail” (FOUND)
  • “How Eagle Learned to Fish" (FOUND)
  • “How the Monkeys Made the Trees”
  • “Why Wolves Howl at the Moon” (FOUND)
  • “How the Skunks Got Their Stink” (FOUND)
  • “How the Octopus Got It’s Legs”
  • “How Elephants Find Their Way Home” (FOUND)
  • “How the Lion Got His Mane”
  • "How the Shark Got its Tail" (Partially Found)
  • "Why Sea Turtle Carries a Shell" (FOUND)
  • "How the Humuhumu Nukanunu Got Its Name"