Lost Media Archive

“Jason’s Vacation” Title Card Footage 01.jpg

“The Cartoon Was Deleted for No reason”- Jason The Kid. Discovery: Later on,A Lost Deleted Cartoon of Jason The Kid YT channel has been discovered,It was “Jason’s Vacation”. The Episode itself was from Season 2,Only a Few People Saw it. The Cartoon was your Black and White Film,And the Plot Is About Jason Driving to a store,After finding it’s closed,He Freaks out about it. The Cartoon has been deleted by YT for no reason,Some people believed it’s due to Quality. The Cartoon Can’t be Found,And there’s no footage Currently,Or good Quality copy’s. All we Know is that it was your “Old Time” Style Cartoon’s. It had No audio and it was Deleted a Day after its Upload. Nobody saved it or made Backup’s so it’s Lost. UPDATE: The Cartoon has been found and archived,But it isn’t in good quality,Plus,It’s the Late Prints,And it is not the Original. The alters in Print 36 were: The TitleCard,The Addition of Music and The Quality. The Original cartoon and most of its frame speed still remains lost,however,Some Footage is found. Later on Restoring the Cartoon,The footage of it has been partially recovered,But the original frames and title still remains missing. The Only Surviving Prints are possibly Print 36,Print 91,Print 13 and Print 1. They are yet to be found.