Jason The Kid Network studios is a YouTube channel about a stickman named ‘Jason The Kid’ that goes on adventures,but currently,there are three missing cartoon’s by the youtuber,And only a few footage exists. These cartoons were animated into FPS of 1,12 and 2. The cartoons here are currently somewhat missing such as the original titles,the footage or even the entire thing.

“Jason’s Vacation” Status:Found Jason’s vacation was removed from YouTube for ‘Breaking its terms of service’ but it really was coppa,and the cartoon featured Jason going on a trip to the shop,he freaks out after realizing it’s closed. In The Season 2 Playlist of Jason The Kid,Later found in a reuissue but the original titles are missing. Was made into a reissue
“Love me Do” (Jason The Kid) Status:Blocked in country’s,No reuploaded videos exist “Love me do” was a song by the Beatles,but Jason the kid used the song and made a animation to go along with it,And it was the first video to use live action settings,The Cartoon featured shots of a group of stickman that look like The Beatles singing the song,and Jason is seen jamming with it near the end. 2
“John loses it” Status:Partially Found This is a somewhat disturbing entry,In season 1 of The John And Ghost Show,there was an episode called ‘John Loses it’ that was a broadcast test and now a lost episode,The episode starts with John mumbling to himself and the ghost asks if he’s other,John says he’s fine,tho sounding like a maniac and says he has a gift for ghost,The ghost mentions he feels terrified and John runs towards the ghost and the episode ends,The credits and intro of the episode are slowed down and have a deeper tone,also the colors are different,The TitleCard shows John laughing with the maniac expression but with a black liquid coming out of his eyes saying ‘John loses it’ above John. The video was later deleted. And it wasn’t a sick joke,it was meant to be the end of the series,but this was scrapped. An Fragment of this cartoon has been found on the Channel Trailer.
“Carmines Battle” Status:Lost Nothing Much is known,It’s about A character named ‘Carmine’ Beating up Jason. No clips exist anymore.


Updates #1: John loses it made its way on Jason The Kid Network Studio’s Channel trailer as a fragment tho the original cartoon is still yet to be found. A Redraw of what the title looked like exists. Also,A few screenshots of ‘John Loses It’,the original episode has Surfaced,and a few clips of the episode as popped up at TikTok,and YouTube,However there low quality copies and they are fragments,the full episode is still missing. An kid friendly version may come out to take place of this episode. The Fragments links are here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiSgcXr9PvtAhVjp1kKHWgSChQQuAIwAXoECAEQBQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPDRoNfo6QG8&usg=AOvVaw0hT13CWzhahnXeMWaqP4x0 also,Later on,Normal quality clips of the episode have been recorded by Russell Silverman,But the deleted scene WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE ORIGINAL SCREENTIME so the original footage did not include the deleted scene,and the full episode still remains as a mystery,and the audio was slightly corrupted.

The Original Title. Better quality.

The known photo of the .avi video.

Update 2: A better quality screenshot has been discovered of ‘Jason’s Vacation’ or the original title. And Feeling1_Pm.avi also exists as a screenshot. And a low quality recording has surfaced here: https://youtu.be/US7G8HdKIL0.

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