The Band In Question

Jebediah are one of the most well known Australian alternative rock bands with hits like leaving home and shes like a comet they have a place in Australian music history.

However during their career they had several b-sides and other rarities that to this day have no known release.

B-Side album

Jebediah - Glee Sides and Sparities

Album that attempted to find the b-sides

In 2003 their label murmur released a rarities compilation that tried to collect all the lost content however only managed to get 18 missing songs

Missing songs

the following songs are considered missing

-From Jerks Of Attention- Denver

-From Twitch- Ferris wheel. Mister Masonic. Superhero 6 1/2.

-From Military Strongmen- Weekend Away. Slightly Oddway. Slow Down.

-From Teflon- You.

-From Harpoon- Sorry. I Ran (Flock Of Seagulls Cover).

-From Animal- Simple.

-From Feet Touch The Ground- Work In Progress.

-From Please Leave- Pharmacy 777. Tongue Twister.

-From N.D.C.- Best Of Times, Worst Of Times.

-From Braxton Hicks (Partially lost studio album)- Loaded Gun, Sew Your Life, The Seven Signs Of Aging, You Oughtta Know, Nothing.

-From First Time- Worlds Away. Sounds Of Life. Dogs.


Jebediah - Fall Down

Jebediah - Fall Down

A song by the band

These songs are desired by fans and critics alike but still these releases remain allusive. also i will ATTEMPT to find some of these songs as a fan myself


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