"Jelly Boy 2" (Japanese: ジェリーボーイ2 Jerībōi 2, lit. "Jerry Boy 2") was a planned sequel of Smart Ball ("Jerry Boy" in Japan) that was supposed to be released by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The developer was Game Freak (which is widely known for its Pokémon franchise): Satoshi Tajiri was the supervisor, Ken Sugimori the character designer, and Yoshinori Sunahara the music composer. The game was slated for a Japan-only release. Unfortunately, the game was canceled the last minute due to a huge strain between Nintendo and Sony around the time of the game's release and Sony moving on to their own system at the time, the PlayStation.

In the proposed sequel, the player would take control of one of six different playable characters, each with a unique special ability. The game would have also featured an updated engine allowing for larger gameplay and enemy variety. Despite the cancellation, Smart Ball was not the last Game Freak game to be published by Sony. The last Game Freak game published by Sony was Click Medic for PlayStation, which was published in 1999.


The story takes place in the colorful world of Jelly Land. When five young children and a squirrel dog walk in the Star Park, an evil court jester appears and transforms them into blobs.

The game ends with Jelly Land suddenly disappearing from existence, leaving all the slime people left.



  • Marine: The self-porclaimed leader of the gang. His ability is to spit jelly orbs at the enemies. His jelly color is blue.
  • Mint: The tomboyish of the gang and Marine's younger twin sister. Her ability is to throw her star-shaped hairclip at the enemies. Her jelly color is green.
  • Yolk: The obese, easily hungry but the fastest of the gang. His ability is crashing the enemies with super speed. His jelly color is orange.
  • Carm: The easily scared and shy of the gang and Marine's love interest. Her ability is punching the enemies. Her jelly color is pink.
  • Ed: The smart but delusional nerd of the gang. His ability is to throw explosive jelly bombs at the enemies. His jelly color is purple.
  • Sienna: The squirrel-dog hybrid of the gang and Yolk's pet. Its ability is to hover. Its jelly color is brown and peach.


  • Ball Enemy
  • Balloonists
  • Bird Enemy
  • Cowboys & Ninjas
  • Dancing Guys
  • Dino Enemy
  • Fish Enemies
  • Monkey Enemy
  • Mouse Enemies
  • Pirates


  • Ball Boss
  • Final Boss
  • Forest Boss
  • Forest Mini-Boss
  • Jelly Park Boss
  • Machine Boss
  • Ninja Boss
  • Space Mini-Boss
  • T-Rex Boss


  • Star Park
  • Ninja Western
  • Lost World
  • Crazy Ocean
  • Wonder Space
  • Motor Maze
  • Dark Palace
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