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Blue's Clues is an American educational television program. There is a French dub that aired on Nickelodeon Junior under the name 'Jeu de Bleue' (Blue's Game). The title and credits are localized in French.


The theme song was found on YouTube, but was copyrighted by Viacom. On the Nickelodeon Junior France website, videos can be found but the region is blocked. Unlike the British, European Portuguese, and one of the Korean dubs, it dubbed the American version like most versions.

UPDATE: 4/7/2016 12 episodes have been found on a torrent site, and I'll upload them to Zippcast if I can. Palettepony895 (talk) 23:07, April 7, 2016 (UTC)

UPDATE 2: 4/7/2016 There was a problem so for now, I'll just upload them to Dailymotion. Palettepony895 (talk) 00:05, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

Update 3: 3/19/17 I found 3 clips of Jeu De Bleue including Mailtime

​UPDATE 4: ​12/30/17 I found the names of four Jeu de Bleue merchandise.

1. Le Blues de Bleue (Rhythm and Blue, 2002 VHS)

2. Jouons avec Pervenche (Playtime With Periwinkle, 2002 VHS)

3. Les Découveries de Bleue (Blue's Discoveries, VHS)

4. Le cadeau parfait de Bleue (Book)

I don't know about the year the last VHS I listed was printed or the book's original title.

Update 5- I found 4 episodes from Mon Nickelodeon Junior

Episodes found

Season 1


  • Version française: L'Européenne de doublage
  • Adaptation:
    • Fred Alameunière (ép. 1)
    • Nadine Sobania (ép. 5)
  • Avec les voix de:
    • Steve - Frédéric Meaux
    • Bleue - Traci Paige Johnson (reste le même)
    • M. Sel - Peppino Copotondi
    • Boîte aux lettres - Peppino Copotondi
    • Pelle - Carole Baillien
    • Table - Carole Baillien
    • Mme Poivre - Carole Baillien
    • Seau - Fanny Roy
    • Paprika - Fanny Roy
    • Les enfants - Lydia Cherton
      Cécile Hupin
      David Scarpuzza
      Aurélie Castin

  • Dubbing studio: L'Européenne de doublage (The European Dubbing)
  • Adaptation:
    • Fred Alameunière (ep. 1)
    • Nadine Sobania (ep. 5)
  • Voice actors:
    • Steve - Frédéric Meaux
    • Blue - Traci Paige Johnson (remains the same)
    • Mr. Salt - Peppino Copotondi
    • Mailbox (Postbox in UK) - Peppino Copotondi
    • Shovel (Spade in UK) - Carole Baillien
    • Sidetable Drawer - Carole Baillien
    • Mrs. Pepper - Carole Baillien
    • Pail (Bucket in UK) - Fanny Roy
    • Paprika - Fanny Roy
    • The children - Lydia Cherton
      Cécile Hupin
      David Scarpuzza
      Aurélie Castin


  • The dub seems to be mostly dubbed with Belgian voice actors.
  • On Ebay, a VHS featuring this dub was found. It is the French version of 'Stop, Look, And Listen!'.
  • On, a French VHS of 'Periwinkle Misses His Friend' was once available, it is now out of stock.
  • Videos are also available on Dailymotion, but the region is blocked.


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