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Jib & Crash: The Hollywood Sneaks was a recurring promo series featuring a duo of puppets named Jib & Crash that aired on Cartoon Network in 2008. Jib & Crash would give comedic unique behind the scenes look for upcoming movies.

So far the segments for Pink Pather 2, Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart as well as a few introduction videos for the characters have surfaced. However according to an article the first movie to get the Jib & Crash treatment was the 2008 live action Speed Racer on May 4th 2008. Jib & Crash apparently had a 90 second exclusive sneak peek and leading up to it was a 45 second custom on air spots featuring Jib & Crash.

The Speed Racer Segments have yet to resurface. It should also be noted that it’s currently unknown if anymore movies beyond these four were covered or planed to be afterwards.  





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