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Internet game designer Jim Bonacci is usually recognized for his highly popular online game Happy Wheels, but before he began development on Happy Wheels, he was actually trying to create a Street Fighter-esque game known only as "Gametest12". the game consisted of two players (taken from Jim's earlier flash animations) in an art style similar to Happy Wheels, but much more early and rough. Player one could perform many finishing moves which were listed to the side of the screen, all of which involved pressing a large amount of buttons and were very hard to pull off. Additionally, pressing two specific keys gave the player a knife and baseball bat to fight their opponent with, these were both instant kills (lodging in your opponents forehead and crushing their head, respectively). Despite the violent nature of the game, it wasn't nearly as violent as other games of the type due to its simplistic cartoon style and unfinished nature. The game was uploaded to the site as a link and stayed there unlisted for 7 whole years before being removed in late 2013. It has been archived by fans and even by Jim himself so you can play it here:

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