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In the second season of The Animal Show, not only has Ollie the Tapir been replaced by Jake's cousin, Bunnie Bear, but Karen Prell and Mak Wilson are respectively replaced by Louise Gold and John Eccelston. To date, only two episodes from this season have resurfaced in their entirety, via DVD releases.


  1. Chimpanzee & Hyena (FOUND in "Jim Henson's Animal Show: Lions, Tigers, and Bears" DVD)
  2. Whale & Ant
  3. Tarantula & Mole (FOUND as the bonus episode in "Fraggle Rock: Scared Silly" DVD)
  4. Toad & Elephant Seal
  5. Arctic Fox & Camel
  6. Hippopotamus & Cape Buffalo
  7. Wasp & Blue-Footed Booby (FOUND as a clip)
  8. Gemsbok & Moose
  9. Marine Iguana & Roadrunner
  10. Bison & Musk Ox
  11. Orangutan & Potto
  12. Stork & Shoebill
  13. Wild Horse & Volcano Rabbit


Where is the discovery for the complete second season of this?




Blue Footed Booby - Animal Show with Stinky and Jake - The Jim Henson Company