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To promote Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (the movie, not the TV show), a week called "Jimmy Neutron Takes Over Nick" on Nickelodeon started, where they would interrupt several of their shows by switching out the audio or changing it to something entirely else. Many interruptions are found, which are displayed below.


  • Jimmy flipped through many Nickelodeon shows, two in particular being a Hey Arnold! episode "Weighing Harold", and a SpongeBob episode "Culture Shock". After which, Jimmy transformed into Carl.
  • During live action shows, Jimmy would flip the frame upside down.
  • Sometimes, Jimmy plays fetch with Goddard with a Nick logo or blows the screen bug up or replaces the screenbug with a screenbug shaped like his head or appears inside the screenbug.

Hey Arnold!

  • In the episode "Helga Sleepwalks", Jimmy replayed a scene of Helga eating pork rinds a few times. (FOUND)
    • He also plays with the Nickelodeon leaf in one scene. (FOUND)
  • In the episode "School Play, Jimmy messes with the visuals and reverses the audio (FOUND)


  • Jimmy switched out the audio of a Rugrats episode with dogs barking.
  • Jimmy changed Chuckie's, Phil's, Lil's and Dil's hair into his and accidentally turns into Carl when he tries to change Angelica's hair into his with a gun zapper. Unlike the other interruptions, this happened on April Fool's Day 2002. (FOUND, with ep audio)
  • Jimmy forced the Rugrats to speak Spanish.[1]
  • In the episode "Pee-Wee Scouts", instead of interrupting this episode, Jimmy plays fetch with Goddard, and later, Goddard bites off a piece of the Nick leaf logo. (FOUND)
  • Jimmy blows up the screen bug. (FOUND)

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • In the episode "Squeaky Boots", Jimmy turned SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs into live-action puppets (similar to Cousin Skeeter and Muppets). It happened again in "Hooky" with Patrick. (Squeaky Boots FOUND) (Hooky FOUND[1][2][3])
  • In the episode "No Free Rides", Jimmy replays the scene of SpongeBob avoiding giant clams, cheese graters, and educational television by fast forwarding and rewinding it.
  • In the episode "Ripped Pants", he rewinds and fast forwards the episode (including a part where Jimmy laughs to SpongeBob saying "ripped pants" three times), making it static like a VHS and glitchy voices in the process. (FOUND, starts at 6:15)
  • In the episode "Culture Shock", he gives SpongeBob and Squidward his hair and then accidentally turns into Carl.
  • In the episode "Employee of the Month", Jimmy does the same thing as he did in the Rugrats episode "Pee-Wee Scouts". (FOUND)
  • In the episode "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV", a flock of pants dance in a straight line. The premiere "When Pants Attack" starts July 2002.


  • Jimmy flipped the frame upside-down.[1]


  • Jimmy gives Cat and Dog his hair.

Rocket Power

  • Jimmy alters the episode. (FOUND) Just like the Rugrats hair one mentioned above, this interruption happened on April Fools' Day 2002.

Invader Zim

  • Jimmy gives Dib and Gaz his hair and accidentally turns into Carl.


  • Jimmy glitches the episode.


  • Jimmy replaces the episode's audio with the sounds of cows mooing.