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Johnny Test: The Lost Web Series was a cancelled web series produced by Wildbrain scheduled for a 2020 release date, the web series was to be a revival/continuation of the long-running Cartoon Network series, Johnny Test, before another revival was picked up by Netflix. Though the title "The Lost Web Series" was simply for marketing purposes, the series eventually became actual lost media. A total of 15 5-minute episodes were produced, but only one was released, titled The League of Johnnys, which was set to private the following day for unknown reasons, though it has been re-uploaded on various websites. We cannot watch the rest of the episodes at all because they are lost. However, footage of some of these episodes have actually been found through online portfolios and reels.

Episode Concepts

According to Nicktendo, episode concepts for the web series included:

  • Tinymon GO (Reworked into an episode of the Netflix revival)
  • A YouTube episode
  • A Beach Monster episode

The other 12 episode concepts are not known, but based on footage found for one of these lost episodes, we can assume that there was an episode where Johnny and friends get transported into an online shooting game.

Possible Episode Plots

(Based on footage)

Beach Monster Episode

Susan and Marry Test construct a powerful glove that can be used to knock out enemies, and when a giant monster from the beach terrorizes Porkbelly, Johnny gets the chance to test it out.


Beach Monster episode