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Joshua Jones is a British/Welsh stop-motion children's TV series produced by Bumper films, which also produced Fireman Sam and Rocky Hollow. The series was about a man named Joshua Jones, who lived on a canal boat with his dog Fairport, traveling to do tasks and help people along the clearwater canal.

The series aired on BBC One in the UK from 7 January 1992 until 31 March 1992. Before that, the series was shown in Welsh on S4C.

While all English episodes can be found on YouTube in full, only the Welsh theme song can be found, along with the intro to a Welsh Joshua Jones VHS.



Joshua Jones Intro (Welsh)

The Welsh Intro.


Start of Joshua Jones (Welsh Version)-1595693702

Joshua Jones Welsh VHS Intro

Joshua Jones Gee Ceffyl Bach a Thair Stori Arall VHS:

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