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Frédéric Molas, aka Joueur du Grenier (Attic Gamer).

Joueur du Grenier ("Attic Gamer"), real name Frédéric Molas, is a very popular reviewer on French-speaking YouTube, creator of a video series of the same name where he reviews old video games with comedy. Some specials has him reviewing nostalgic cartoons or TV shows instead. His videos get millions of views.

Being inspired by Cinemassacre's Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe), Molas started the Joueur du Grenier series in 2009 and keeps making them to this day. His gimmick is quite similar to the AVGN (angrily reviewing game, destroying cartridge...), but most of his viewers are unfamiliar with Rolfe's work and over the years, he added his own flavour to it by using a lot of typically French humor and cultural references. Very few of his videos have been subtitled for foreign viewers, As much of his comedy is untranslatable (Especially the frequent use of puns).

He is popular enough to have been several times on other famous YouTube shows and getting his own comic book series.

He made a cameo appearance in Cinemassacre's Mike Matei's NES Hacks video and Doug Walker (from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses) made cameos in two of Joueur du Grenier's videos (the Platoon/Metal Gear review and the Elite Forces/GIGN review).

The Cancelled Video

Screenshot from the opening credits: Goonies II is the only unreviewed game shown.

Joueur du Grenier's opening theme credits has many excerpts of his first game review episodes. However, for a split second, An excerpt showing the Goonies II NES game is shown. This has baffled some fans since there never was a Goonies II review video by Joueur du Grenier.

In a (now deleted) forum topic, Molas himself explained that he began shooting a review of Goonies II, but as work progressed, he realized he didn't have enough material for a full episode and so cancelled it. Despite this, he still used footage of this game for his opening credits.

Apart from this, He didn't release any of the shot footage and it is unknown if he will ever release it, As a DVD extra or a portion of a multi-games review episode.