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This video features 10 clips of the episodes form Judy & David's Boombox.

  (FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE INFO ABOUT THIS SHOW IF YOU CAN!) Judy & David's Boombox was a short-lived Canadian live-action TV show that ran for 2 seasons from September 13, 1999, to June 2000 and reruns continued until February 24, 2011. It featured Juno award-winning husband-and-wife duo Judy and David Gershon, and their boombox that comes to life known as "Boom Box" but was later renamed "Boomy" in 2000. Boomy was voiced by David in both seasons although there's a Press Kit in judyanddavid.com and that one of the press releases that's there is a page about the season 1 of the show being released and the background of the show (which we will say in a minute) and it mentioned about the YTV producers Steve Sloan and Brian Nasimok, director Kim Elaschuk, choreographer Risa Waldman, and a stellar production team


There's currently 21 episodes of Season 2 of the show on Judy & David's Official Channel. But for some reason, the other 10 of the said season of the show isn't there, along with the 30 episodes of Season 1. Although Judy & David released a few of their CDs with 1 episode of Judy & David's Boombox. one of the albums called 'Livin in a Shoe' came with the episode 'David Tabernacle Choir'. there are 8 episodes of Season 1 that can be nowhere found on the internet! so if your a Canadian, remember to look through your old recordings of Treehouse TV to see if you HAVE one of the lost 8 episodes of Judy & Davids Boombox! 

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