JumpStart Preschool VHS Cover

JumpStart is a series of children's educational products released by Knowledge Adventure primarily consisting  of children's games (online and CD-ROMs) for PC and some gaming consoles,  but also consisting of an abundance of other products, including books, videos, interactive DVDs, and toys. Since 2008, JumpStart has mostly focused on an online massively mutliplayer online game.

In 1999, Knowledge Adventure produced two animated videos based on the JumpStart series, JumpStart Preschool: Who Left the Juice in the Caboose? and JumpStart Kindergarten: Why Did the Bus Stop? The first video involved Eleanor Elephant noticing that somebody spilled his or her drink in the caboose of the JumpStart train and didn't clean it up. Eleanor wants to find out who spilled the juice. She decides to ask each of her friends to find out who it was. The other video involved Hopsalot and the kindergarten students riding on the school bus to different locations and collectng clues along the way to solve a mystery. The two videos alse featured a special live action music video after the cartoon, starring the child voice actors. Another video, JumpStart Jukebox, was made in 2002. It depicts Frankie as a radio DJ. It is a compilation of songs from JumpStart games including those from the previous two videos.

Due to the limited release on VHS, the three videos fell into obscurity. The first of which has yet to be uploaded in it's entirty, however the latter two videos are available on YouTube in good quality.

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