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Le Roi Léo is a lost French Dub of the 1966 Japanese series "New Jungle Emperor: Onward, Leo!" (Shin Jungle Taitei Susume Leo (ジャングル大帝・進めレオ)) created by Osamu Tezula and directed by Shigeyuki Hayashi. It is a sequel series to Kimba the White Lion.[1]

This series was dubbed in 1971 in Quebec under the direction of Michel Trouillet Collet. It first aired in Quebec starting September 1971.[2] Then, the show aired in Switzerland on TSR (Swisse Romande) on the 19th of June 1972 under their youth program summer vacation line-up.[3] On December 20th, 1972, the dub first aired in France on ORTF. It was the very first anime to be broadcasted in France.[4] The series had had two reruns on TF1 in 1976 and 1978.

After 1978, this first dub was never re-broadcasted and no episodes have resurfaced since. Mushi Productions, the original Japanese production company went bankrupt back in 1973, resulting in most foreign broadcasts unable to renew their contracts due to rights holder complications.[5] About a decade later in 1987, a French law was passed after years of debate, requiring that no dubbing production can be distributed and/or marketed in France if it's not carried out within France.[6] This law made the 1971 dub unauthorized to be shown again in France. This is was the reason that mostly likely lead to the production of a new dub in 1990 where it can be produced in France. This new dub, "Du Retour de Léo", contained all 52 episodes of the first series (which hadn't been dubbed in French before) and all 26 episodes of Onward Leo (Re-dubbed). The law in France was repealed in 2014, which makes the first dub authorized to show on French television again. However, due to its age, rights complications, and the existence of the new 1990 re-dub makes this first dub very unlikely to reappear on television again. All that has resurfaced of the 1971 dub of Onward Leo is the intro/outro sequence and a few episode titles.

Voice Cast

Isabelle Jean - Liya
Alain Clavier - Léo
Flora Balzano - Rune
Nicole Fontaine - Rukio
Isabelle Pierre - OP/ED Singer

Known Episodes Titles

01. La première aventure
02. Unknown
03. Le lion bleu
04. La dernière chasse des pygmées
05. Unknown
06. Dombe le gorille
07. Unknown
08. Le secret de la pierre de lune
09. Les oiseaux migrateurs
10. Unknown
11. Unknown
12. Unknown
13. Unknown
14. Le tombeau solitaire
15. Unknown
16. Unknown
17. Les chutes du diable
18. Unknown
19. 19. La tanière
20. Le précipice
21. Unknown
22. Le menhir
23. Le loup argenté
24. L'île mystérieuse
25. L'empreinte de la mort
26. Unknown