The Junior Christian Teaching Bible Lesson Program was a show that aired on Los Angeles public access, starting in 1988 and ending in 2008. The show was created by singer and actor, David Liebe Hart. The program featured many puppets, who would read excerpts from the Bible and sing Christian songs. Most of the episodes are lost, due to many of them only airing once or twice. A few full episode are available on YouTube, most are cut into 3 parts, and pieces of episodes are scattered across the site. In 2010, a DVD of the show was released online but it is no longer available. In 2015, an official DVD of the show was released and is still available. The DVD contains 3 full, high quality episodes.


The list of episodes that have been seen in their entirety

  • God the Preserver (Show 3)
  • Message from Korendor
  • Tim and Eric
  • God the Preserver of Man
  • Mortals and Immortals
  • Reality
  • Truth
  • Supply
  • Matter - Show One
  • Matter - Show Two
  • Christ Jesus Love
  • Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?
  • Are UFOs and Bible Stories Real?
  • Songs about David's Life
  • Forgiveness
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving 2002 - Show One
  • Thanksgiving 2002 - Show Two
  • Thanksgiving 2002 - Show Three
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas God 1991


The list of episodes that are known, and confirmed lost/partially found

  • God Show (Partially Found - 5 Min. Released)
  • Christian Science 1993 Show (3 Min. Released)
  • Unnamed Show (10/15/05-Partially Foundl)
  • Unnamed Show (Topic: Drugs - 2002)
  • Unnamed Show Featuring Sloth or Dog
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