JupiterCP was a CPPS that was created by the YouTuber “CPR Nation”. It was created in 2017, but discontinued later on in development. There was a custom Beta Party Hat, but no surviving proof exists. It was originally made to replace a CPPS he made with CPPS Creator called GalaxyCP. It was discontinued, but later continued. The day after GalaxyCP was discontinued, JupiterCP was discontinued. The reason for this was because “JupiterCP was too much stress, but GalaxyCP wasn’t“. After this announcement was made on the official Discord server, moments later, it got deleted. Message logs are missing and do not exist, since the logs were not recorded. The original GalaxyCP discord was never deleted, but all messages in the server (except Announcement) before it was continued are deleted, and no surviving logs are found since. At the time this was created, no proof has been surfaced. There is no build, Open or Closed, ever released.

New Info

Recently, Penguin Nation (new name of CPR Nation) has decided to quit YouTube, due to school and a full schedule. It is unknown if he will return, but he mentions that if it happens, it might happen on Janurary 2018, or the next summer break. GalaxyCP is discontinued, but it can still be played. The Discord Server is now CPPS Central, and there is no way to contact Penguin Nation through the server, as he left it.

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