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KAET Eight Arizona PBS is a PBS television set in Arizona made in 1961 by the Arizona State University. It had some old promos or bumpers that were seen between 2006 to 2015 with KAET which some were considered lost. KAET's Arizona PBS logo had an alternate design from 2006 and was replaced in 2008. Eventually, in 2015, the logo was changed to Arizona PBS and the "Ei8ht" was taken out. More likely most of the 2008 versions were lost, so this is more about the 2008 versions of the promos, most of the 2006 versions aren't really lost.

Information about the promos

There are 2 intros with the KAET logo with either the words special presentation or also original production. There was also one seen at the end of the DVD's saying the words "A special presentation from" having the Eight logo on the bottom. It had a few old logos. There was an old version of Eight Life which was Eight Create, I guess. It had some old templates for an ex; Coming Soon to Eight HD or Next on Eight HD. Only the older version of these templates from 2006 were found and posted on YouTube. The templates are actually the same but the Eight HD versions just had new lines. There is one without voiceovers containing the word "THEN". Also, some never before seen promos have been found. Some of them weren't used anymore since June 4th 2012. The Original Production logo can be found on Super Simple with Terri O. The Special Presentation variant can be found on Artbeat Nation. These logos were shown on TV until 2012 except for the intros. The intros were used until 2015. There is an promo showing when TV shows are scheduled, where the narrator says "Coming up, on Eight HD, Eight Create, And Eight World. Eight Create was changed into Eight Life in 2013. Some of the videos on YouTube have those promos and logos. Some of these promos were considered lost to time because they weren't recorded but some were recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Eight Arizona PBS Special Presentation

Eight Arizona PBS Original Production


These links contain the Eight Special Presentation or Original Productions intros and the bumpers from 2006.